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Welcome to how-to-play-guitar.info, where you can learn to play accoustic guitar, learn to play electric guitar, and advance your skills as you learn to shred.

There are many reasons you should learn to create music, and on this site you will find many resources to help you, from video guitar lessons, to guitar backing tracks you can play along with, to links to research on what creating music does for your brain.

Becoming a musician, and then becoming a better musician will help you in every other area of life, as it will help you to improvise, think laterally, and develop a true skill. We have the resources to help you truly learn to play a guitar, including lessons from instructors featured on Ultimate Guitar, referenced in the Guitar Wiki and those who are popular on Youtube.

We also have a bunch of guitar backing tracks for you to play along with as you progress, along with tons resources like chord charts, tablature and dedicated music genre lessons:

  • Blues

  • Country

  • Metal

  • Folk

  • Bluegrass

  • Other

If you are a beginner, please visit our Beginner Guitar Lessons page to get started. You will learn to play whole songs, and that’s what will propel you forward. Remember, don’t practice. Play. Once you have the basic techniques down, you will be on cruise control.

If you’re an intermediate to advanced player, check out our intermediate and advanced sections where you’ll find lessons on various techniques that will help you learn to play the guitar online.

One thing you can be certain of: This site will never feature any lesson on how to play Wonderwall. Also, let’s be clear. The biggest reason of all to learn to play a guitar:

learn to play guitar onlineYou’re welcome.